BIOHM Return & Refund Policy

We are proud of the quality of our products and want to make sure you are completely satisfied. If you are not 100% satisfied, we are happy to offer a full refund for unopened supplement product. The plastic seal on the outside of the container cannot be torn or tampered. Opened supplement product will receive a store credit for an equal value of your purchase. If you are returning a BiOHM Gut Report or BiOHM Candida Report and have not submitted your sample, we will subtract a $25 restocking fee from your refund. If you have already submitted your sample we are unable to refund your purchase and cannot stop the processing of your sample. Please keep in mind we are unable to refund shipping and handling costs for returns.

If you are not completely satisfied and are a member of one of our subscription programs, we also offer a full refund for any unopened supplement product and a store credit for an equal value of any opened supplement product. For any subscription purchase that includes a gut report, if you have not submitted your sample yet we will refund your purchase for any and all unopened product but will subtract a $25 processing fee from your refund for the cost that goes into preparing each gut report kit (prepaid return envelope, medical grade collection swab, etc.). If your sample has already been submitted, we are unable to refund the value of the gut report.

BIOHM Subscription Cancellation Policy

All BIOHM Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

In order to cancel, all you have to do is e-mail at least 3 days before your subscription cycle renews.

If you do not cancel within 3 days of your renewal cycle, your subscription will be terminated for the following cycle.

For example, if you are a monthly subscriber and your next renewal date is January 15th, we must receive your cancellation notice by January 12th in order to ensure the charge does not process — otherwise your subscription will be canceled effective as of February 15th.