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Episode 15: Postbiotics: The Key To Repopulating Your Gut After Antibiotics?

Featured | Aubrey Levitt, co-founder of The Postbiotics Plus

As a listener of the show, you’ve likely heard about pre- and probiotics. But postbiotics? For many of us, they’re a whole new ballgame of study.

Postbiotics, also called metabolites, are simply the byproducts made by the bacteria and fungi in our guts. To break it down further, prebiotics are the foods that bacteria and fungi eat, probiotics are the bacteria and fungi, and postbiotics are the waste products produced by the bacteria and fungi. In essence, postbiotics are the poo that’s excreted.

Only unlike our poo, these “waste” products don’t go to waste within our body. Rather, they could the key to some of the biggest questions surrounding the microbiome.

On this episode, Aubrey Levitt, co-founder of The Postbiotics Plus, joins Andrea to talk about how postbiotics are reshaping the way we think about our microbial colonies and the impact they have on our immune system.

Aubrey’s company and research is quite literally on the cutting edge of what we’re learning about the microbiome, so listening to this episode is a bit like a sneak peek into what everyone will soon be talking about.  

To stay in the loop with Aubrey’s research, head to postbioticsplus.com. To order your own custom herb kit, visit mycustomherbs.com.


On this show, you’ll learn:

  • Trying to figure out how we become more resilient to stress (4:32)
  • What questions Aubrey’s microbiome start-up is trying to answer (7:44)
  • The differences between pre-, pro-, and postbiotics (10:56)
  • Ways to increase our levels of postbiotics (17:34)
  • Best way to re-populate your gut after a round of antibiotics (19:47)
  • Actionable steps that you can take today (26:14) 


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