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Episode 14: How Mold, Roundup, and Tap Water Are Undermining Your Microbiome

Featured | Dr. Ann Shippy, calls toxic mold exposure an epidemic.

Your musty basement. That rainstorm where you forgot to roll up the windows on your car. That persistent fatigue that you can’t kick no matter how many hours you spend under the covers. Turns out, toxic mold is a big problem.  

In fact, our guest today, Dr. Ann Shippy, calls toxic mold exposure an epidemic. Dr. Shippy spent a decade working as an engineer at IBM before turning to medicine after her own health issues went unanswered. After med school, she became interested in functional medicine and turned her attention to uncovering the root cause of her symptoms, rather than simply masking them with drugs.

Now, she has a thriving practice in Austin, TX, and regularly sees patients for whom mold is a huge issue. She’s also the author of Shippy Paleo Essentials and the Mold Toxicity Workbook.

On this episode, we dig into how toxic mold and environmental exposure to chemicals such as glyphosate are disturbing our guts and causing chronic disease.

To connect with Dr. Shippy, check visit annshippymd.com. To learn more about your mold status, visit blackmoldscan.com.


On this show, you’ll learn:

  • The beginning of Dr. Shippy’s journey with celiac disease (5:28)
  • Why glyphosate (Round Up) is turning up almost everywhere, and why we should be worried (7:39)
  • How even the tap water you drink may be unsafe (11:03)
  • How environmental toxins like mold disturb your gut health (15:28)
  • The gut health impact of your daily commute (17:23)
  • The role epigenetics play with how toxins impact gene expression (18:37)
  • How to test for a high level of toxicities (20:22)
  • The percentage of people exposed to mold daily (28:56)
  • Ways to help the body detox better (34:40)

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