BIOHM Children's Probiotic

BIOHM Children's Probiotic

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    See what you’re actually made of on the inside"
    The BIOHM Gut Report provides you with a personalized analysis of your gut's microbiome using our state of the art DNA sequencing technology.

  • FREE BIOHM Children’s Probiotic ($39.99 value) ?

    1 free bottle of the BIOHM Children’s Probiotic supplement

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  • FREE BIOHM Gut Report Kit ($180 value) ?

    “See what you’re actually made of on the inside"
    The BIOHM Gut Report provides you with a personalized analysis of your gut's microbiome using our state of the art DNA sequencing technology.

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    2 free bottles of the BIOHM Children’s Probiotic supplement

BIOHM Children’s Probiotic 

BIOHM’s powerful probiotic technology — fully optimized for Children. BIOHM's formulation is a combination of good bacteria and good fungi infused with a powerful enzyme that breaks through digestive plaque— allowing BIOHM's 5 billion live active cultures to maintain, support, and promote the balance of the total microbiome in the digestive system.

Good Bacteria + Good Fungi = Happy Little Tummies

BIOHM Children's was created by Dr. Ghannoum, the scientist who named the mycobiome and one of the world’s leading experts in medically important fungus and microbiome sequencing. Dr. Ghannoum’s scientific research has resulted in over 400 peer reviewed scientific papers, and his publications have been cited over 18,000 times.

  • Powerful BIOHM Probiotic technology fully optimized for Children
  • 5 billion active live cultures in each chewable
  • Enteric coated to protect live active strains
  • Tasty fruit flavor, naturally sweetened by Monk fruit
  • Non-GMO, free-from synthetics, soy, gluten, egg and sugar
  • No artificial ingredients or sweeteners; such as, sucralose, sucrose, saccharin, aspartame, sodium saccharin, and maltodextrin
  • Histamine neutral
  • 42 chewables for a six week supply
  • No refrigeration required
  • Heat resistant packaging to protect live active strains

Why BIOHM Children’s vs. Other Children's Probiotics?

Quite simply, your child’s gut contains both bacteria and fungi. However, other probiotics have not been designed to address the role of fungi in digestive balance, just bacteria - only offering a partial solution to total digestive balance.

By concentrating on bacteria, fungi is allowed to flourish unchecked leading to digestive imbalance. Additionally, no other probiotic has been engineered to break down digestive plaque, which acts as a shield for bad bacteria and fungi in your little one’s gut. 

Why Should I Care About The Role of Fungi in Digestive Health?

Up until about a decade ago, the scientific community studied microorganisms (like bacteria and fungi) as being completely independent of each other, and mostly from the perspective that they negatively impacted our health and wellness.

In the last few years, researchers have come to realize that microorganisms can play an extremely positive role in health and wellness, hence the emergence of probiotics.

However, one of the most important discoveries has been the relationship between bacteria and fungi in our bodies. Specifically, scientists have found that when one is impacted, it has an effect on the other. This indicates that there is a strong symbiotic relationship between bacteria and fungi, and that they essentially keep each other in check.

The understanding of bacteria and fungi's relationship took a giant step forward, when Dr. Ghannoum's research unearthed the fact that bacteria and fungi actually work together to protect each other, through forming digestive plaque.

THE RESULT? In order to support overall digestive health, we now understand that you have to address both bacteria and fungi.

Why Should I Care About Digestive Plaque?

During Dr. Ghannoum's landmark research on microbiome imbalance, he discovered that bacteria and fungi work together to build digestive plaque. Digestive plaque acts like a shield over bad bacteria and bad fungi as they work to upset the microbial balance of the digestive system.

Dr. Ghannoum realized that to support overall digestive health and total gut balance, you must be able to break down digestive plaque, allowing good bacteria and fungi to reach bad bacteria and fungi hiding within the plaque.

How Do I Know BIOHM Cultures Are Alive When They Reach My Child’s Gut?

To ensure that BIOHM cultures are alive when they reach your child’s digestive tract, an enteric coating is applied directly to the chewable during the manufacturing process, which protects the cultures as they make the harsh journey into your child's gut. Additionally, BIOHM's jar was created out of heat-resistant resin, in order to protect the cultures from the time they leave our manufacturing facility, until they arrive at your door.

How Do You Ensure The Quality of The Strains In BIOHM?

In order to ensure that BIOHM was in a class of its own when it came to both the science and quality, Dr. Ghannoum's team acquired the bacterial and fungal strains in BIOHM from the American Type Culture Collection (the ATCC). The ATCC is considered the gold standard in the scientific community when it comes to sourcing microorganisms.

Founded in 1925, the ATCC focuses on the acquisition, authentication, production, preservation, development and distribution of standard reference microorganisms and cell lines for research and development.

While Dr. Ghannoum's laboratory has a collection of over 30,000 strains of fungi (the largest collection in the United States outside the Centers for Disease Control), on the rare occasion he does not have a particular strain needed for a study, the ATCC is one of the first places he turns to in order to acquire the needed microorganism.

Do I Need To Worry That BIOHM Contains Fillers, Flow Agents, Artificial Colors, or Non-Organic Ingredients?

No. At BIOHM, we've painstakingly formulated our probiotics from the ground up to ensure they only contain the best strains of cultures, enzymes and ingredients available and do not include anything else, period.

BIOHM Children’s Probiotic chewables are manufactured in the United States at an FDA-audited facility.

PathoBiome 5B is the name for BIOHM’s patented tri-action formulation of good bacteria (B. breve, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus), good fungus (S. boulardii), and a powerful enzyme (Amylase) that breaks down digestive plaque. All of these strains at a child friendly 5 Billion CFU!

Other Ingredients include Calcium Carbonate, Xylitol, Cetyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Monk Fruit, Enteric Coating

NOTE: At this time we cannot ship outside the US. International friends, follow us on Facebook for updates.

Supplement Your Balance Within

BIOHM Probiotic

BIOHM Probiotic


Patent-pending formulation containing good bacteria, good fungi and a powerful enzyme, Powered by PathoBiome 30B Technology, the first probiotic developed to break down digestive plaque, 30 billion active probiotics in each capsule.

BIOHM Colon Cleanser

BIOHM Colon Cleanser


Get your probiotic journey off to an optimal start with BIOHM Colon Cleanser, powered by PathoBiome 24C. BIOHM Colon Cleanser contains natural extracts and probiotics, giving your colon an all-natural probiotic cleanse, allowing your system to start your probiotic journey with a fresh palette.

BIOHM Gut Report™ Kit

BIOHM Gut Report™ Kit


“See what you’re actually made of on the inside”
The BIOHM Gut Report provides you with a personalized analysis of your gut's microbiome using our state of the art DNA sequencing technology.

“BIOHM is amazing! I've never felt better.” – Kristen D. *Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

Digestive Plaque without BIOHM
Digestive Plaque without BIOHM
Digestive Plaque Destroyed by BIOHM
Digestive Plaque Destroyed by BIOHM

BIOHM Gut Report Kit

The BIOHM Gut Report provides you with a personalized analysis of your gut's microbiome using our state of the art DNA sequencing technology.

  • Receive a comprehensive report of the microorganisms in your gut.
  • Receive a complete overview of the microorganisms found in healthy human participants in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Microbiome project, which was undertaken by the NIH in 2008 to identify and characterize the microorganisms found in the human body.
  • Free and only available to participants in the bi-annual and annual BIOHM purchase programs


“Think of it as a credit report – for your gut!”

- Dr. Ghannoum
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Open the kit and dab the sampling swab against used toilet paper until the swab is slightly colored.

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