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You Are 75% Bacteria, Fungus and Virus: Welcome To Your Microbiome

Posted by: Afif Ghannoum

Who hasn’t heard the quote, “You are what you eat?”

But did you know you aren’t what you eat? You’re actually made up mostly of bacteria, fungus and viruses!

That’s right! Only 25% of our bodies are made up of human cells, the rest are organisms that live inside us.

Your body’s community of organisms is called the microbiome, and on almost a daily basis, science is finding out that there is a tremendous connection between our microbiome and our health and wellness.

Your body is actually made up of several microbiomes, in areas like your mouth, your digestive system and even your lungs and skin.

Each microbiome changes over time and can be affected by your diet, genetics, stress and even alcohol.

I could drone on all day about the microbiome, but luckily, a great infographic on the microbiome was created by the American Academy of Microbiology, one of the the world's oldest, largest and most respected life science organizations in the world.

Human Microbiome
click to view full image

So now you know a little more about your microbiome! I personally didn’t know all those germs add another 2.5lbs!? What a rude way to treat your host!

BIOHM is the first probiotic engineered to combine both good bacteria and good fungi, along with a powerful enzyme to break through the plaque-like protective wall formed by bad bacteria and bad fungi deep within your gut. BIOHM uses a whole microbiome approach to gently maintain balance in your digestive system— helping support your journey to achieve optimal health and wellness from within.

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